Benchmark Commercial Insurance Services, Inc.

Regardless of the size of your business, the following is a partial list of coverages which should be considered when protecting your operation. Benchmark Commercial Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in providing custom tailored packages of these coverages for you.

Other Types Of Policies

Garage Liability including Garage Keeper’s

Garage insurance has several options and requires an insurance specialist to guide you and recommend the best coverage to protect your business. One of the most important things to consider is how you are going to insure your customer's vehicles.

This is called Garage keepers coverage.

Legal Liability — Coverage is provided when, as a result of your negligence, you become legally liable for damage.

For example: You are test-driving a customer's car and collide with a parked car.

This is the most commonly written form of Garage keepers coverage, but it is very dangerous for you, as the garage owner. Consider: You have the care and custody of your customer's second-largest investment, but if the car is damaged, you are not covered unless you were negligent or legally liable. For example, damage to your customer's vehicle where you may not be negligent include:

Hail storm.

Vandalism on a locked, lighted lot.

You are test-driving the car and are hit while stopped at a stop light.

Foreign Liability, Property, & Workers Comp Insurance

If you have foreign sales, offices, or employees working or visiting overseas you need Foreign Insurance Coverage. We work with the largest insurer of international insurance to handle all of your foreign needs. So no matter what your insurance needs are, we can take care of your overseas operations. While other insurance companies handle their foreign operations from U.S based offices, we can offer you service in most countries.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Companies recognize the need to be a part of the global marketplace and corporate employees conducting business outside their own country expect to encounter language barriers, exotic customs and diverse negotiation styles. What they cannot predict is political upheaval and increasing danger of abduction and after a kidnapping or extortion threat are vital elements of corporate risk management.