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You work hard to keep your business successful, not to administer an insurance program for your insurance company or broker. At benchmark, we work hard at Risk Management and insurance so our clients don't have to. We ask the "what if" questions, BEFORE you experience an event that would require the answer. Our goal is to understand all of the moving parts of your business operation so we can provide you with an analysis of how your current insurance program protects what you actually do. It is through this analysis that we can provide you with all of the information you need, so together, we can create a Business Protection Solution that meets your risk management goals an objectives.

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Executive Protection

In today's increasingly perilous and litigious business environment, every company faces risk. It is an unfortunate fact that any of your company's many constituents — including employees, investors, customers, suppliers, competitors, government agencies, and creditors — pose a financial risk to your business. Any one of them could sue your company or target it for criminal activity.

How your company deals with a wide range of unanticipated and often complex financial threats directly impacts its bottom line — not to mention the personal wealth of its owners and employees.

That is why so many private companies appreciate having a trustworthy Broker they can count on to understand their business needs and to be there when they need help most — when they have a claim. At benchmark, we are committed to helping protect private companies like yours through flexible insurance coverage, innovative risk management and loss control resources and practical education.

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Workers Compensation

Injuries and deaths among United States workers cost billions of dollars and millions of lost work days a year, cutting into every dollar of your pre-tax profit. We can help you manage worker injuries and stay on top of the factors that drive up costs. Our loss control specialists help companies identify the causes of workplace injuries and illnesses, then reduce or eliminate the factors in the workplace that lead to claims. We can also help manage the indirect costs associated with workplace accidents and disruption.

benchmark excels in service and knowledge with dedicated loss prevention specialists. Our claim service is based on the premise that early attention to an employee's injury, management of appropriate care and recuperation, and a plan for returning to work help to reduce expenses significantly. We provide assistance in preventing and controlling minor claim costs and control complex claims.

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Personal Lines

Your home is likely the biggest personal investment you will ever make. Why would you risk that investment by not having adequate insurance coverage to take care of damage or accidents that might occur? Homeowners insurance is the cornerstone of protection for your investment. In addition to Homeowners, we offer Personal Auto, Personal Umbrella, Motorcycle, RV, Boat and Valuable Articles coverages. Being an Independent Insurance agency gives us the freedom to provide you with quotes from not just one, but a host of Personal Insurance companies. We are able to find the right coverage for the right price no matter what your needs may be.

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Risk Management

At benchmark, we work to develop long-term, mutually beneficial associations with our clients by thoroughly understanding their businesses and listening to their needs and goals. It is through the process of understanding all of the moving parts of our clients' business, that we can add value by suggesting strategies to reduce risks and control costs. We deliver individualized services and solutions that complement our client's insurance goals and enable them to maximize their business results.

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Health & Benefits

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Aircraft & Art

Today's aviation insurance market is constantly changing and requires new levels of risk management, forward thinking insurance solutions and careful analysis to achieve the correct balance of coverage and cost. We have partnered with several of the premiere aviation markets around the country and worldwide so that we can provide customized solutions for all of your aviation risks. You wouldn't let just anyone fly your plane; don't trust just anyone to protect it when it's in the air and on the ground.

While art's value is often subjective, one thing that is not subjective is protecting your collection from all of life's potential threats. We have the ability to provide coverage for the smallest personal collection to large public and commercial collections. Utilizing the premier carriers in this market, we currently insure some of the largest fine art collections in San Diego County.

At benchmark we have all of the tools necessary to craft the program best suited to protect your interests.

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Our Philosophy

Since our inception in 1998, our philosophy has been consistent: benchmark is defined as "the standard by which entities can be measured or judged". We are the measure of quality when comparing solutions for your risk management program. We accomplish our value proposition through a culture of accountability that provides creative solutions before you need them, at a cost that supports your fiscal objectives. All employees are driven to exceed the expectations of our clients and capabilities of our competitors.

We are responsible for providing our clients with all of the information they need to make informed decisions as to how they desire to structure their Risk Management program. We have found that when our clients have been presented all of the facts surrounding a risk exposure issue, they are able to be more confident in their insurance choices. With over 20 years experience, our strength is in the analysis: we dig deep to make sure we have a complete understanding of all of the moving parts of your operation so we can present the best solutions to address all exposures that exist. Armed with the facts, you can have confidence in your choices. benchmark truly supports your industry's best decision makers!

We invite you to stop by our office anytime for a cappuccino and a pleasant chat about how we can assist you in achieving your Risk Management goals.

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