Commercial auto insurance in California: an ongoing challenge

2017 has seen a dramatic shift in the area of commercial auto insurance coverage in California. In response to a number of factors, carriers are either pushing for significant rate increases, or leaving the market altogether. The reasons for the drop in profitability include:

*Increased medical costs for accident victims
*Increased miles driven by commercial vehicles
*Increase vehicle repair costs
*Increased accident frequency due to distracted driving (i.e. smartphones)

At benchmark, we are committed to minimizing the impact of the market environment in any way we can. By making sure every rock is turned over at renewal, we can guarantee you are with the best market, with the correct coverage, at the best price.

As business owners, however, there are a number of ways you can keep your employees and your balance sheet out of harm’s way, and we can help!

Implement a fleet safety program
Document the program and communicate expectations to all employees.
Enforce company policy for use of vehicles
Follow practices such as limiting personal use and monitoring who can use company vehicles.
Train your drivers on these essential topics: break-downs, distracted driving, driving under the influence, rest, speeding.
Monitor drivers with telematics
Review every crash in order to learn how to help prevent repeat incidents.
Hire qualified drivers and check drivers’ records regularly

With each other’s help, we can have your company be best in class and get through this bump in the road!

Driving factors in Auto rates: Flyer


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